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The Student Connection: Scholarships provide Erroll Moore an opportunity for success

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SUNY Broome Scholarships Online
In 2016, the BCC Foundation awarded over 275 students receiving merit based scholarships and hundreds more through the Financial Aid Grants-in-Aid Program, totaling over $1,000,000. It's easy to apply for a number of scholarships through SUNY Broome Community College. Students can apply seamlessly to hundreds of scholarships through one online application accessible through PC, mobile or tablet devices.  The system automatically applies the student to scholarships they qualify for through set criteria.

To receive optimal usage of the online scholarship application and get the most recent update to the system, it is recommended that prior to logging in, to clear out all history, cached items, cookies, etc.
Apply beginning January 9th for SUNY Broome scholarships for current and incoming students. Students must complete the online scholarship application each year in order to apply for scholarships, even if they applied for the Second Chance Scholarship in the fall or for the scholarships last spring of 2016.

CURRENT SUNY Broome students - Scholarship Notification
Notifications about being awarded or denied a scholarship have been sent to your SUNY Broome email. Refer to www.sunybroome.edu/email for instructions on how to access this account. Follow the directions from the email to accept your award, write a thoughtful note and RSVP to the Scholarship Reception Awards on Thursday, May 4th at 5:30 pm in the Ice Center.

PROSPECTIVE SUNY Broome students - Scholarship Notification
You will be notified about being awarded or denied a scholarship by Friday, April 28th (subject to change). Notification will come through your the email account you registered to create an account to apply for scholarships. More information to come.

Instructional Guides:
Need help applying to scholarships, submitting a recommendation letter for a student or even selecting a recipient for your scholarship or have questions? Please review the instructional guides below:

            Students (Current & Prospective): Apply for Scholarships Instructional Guide

            Faculty/Staff/Individuals: Submit a Recommendation Letter Instructional Guide

            Reviewers: Review Scholarship Applicants Instructional Guide

            SUNY Broome Student Gmail Account: Access Your Student Gmail Account 

            For best results when applying to scholarships, please review our Frequently Asked Questions Guide!

Additional Information about our scholarships:

            Second Chance Scholarship Brochure

            Paul and Mary Calice & Mildred Barton Scholarship Brochure

            Presidential Honors Scholarship Brochure

            The Complete Scholarship Listing - COMING SOON!




If you need immediate assistance, please contact the BCC Foundation at (607)778-5047
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