If You Receive a Bomb Threat (via telephone):
• If you receive a threatening call (bomb, or other physical harm, etc.) do not hang up.  Have someone else call Public Safety from another extension if possible.  Attempt to engage the caller in conversation and obtain as much information as possible. Stay calm and keep your voice calm. Ask questions and take notes. Write down, the date and time of call and phone number form caller ID. Note call details (background noise, gender, accent, stutter, emotional state, etc.)

      • What exactly is the threat?
      • When will it explode?
      • Where was the bomb left?
      • Where is it right now?
      • What does it look like?
      • What kind of bomb is it?
      • Who placed the bomb?
      • Who is the target?
      • Why was the bomb placed?
      • What is your address?
      • What is your name?

• Call Public Safety and follow Public Safety instructions.

  • If You Receive a Bomb Threat (via E-mail, Letter or Note):

• telephone Public Safety and save note as evidence to be turned in to Public Safety.