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CLT Department Overview

Welcome to the Clinical Laboratory Technologies (CLT) Department at SUNY Broome Community College. My name is Rachael Hagerman and I serve as the department chairman and as a faculty member. Our department strives to be a leader in clinical laboratory education. We have offered online courses since 2000, and we were the first program to achieve licensure-preparing status by New York State. Our CLT and HT programs are the only fully-online programs of their kind in the State, and our Histological Technician (HT) program is only one of two programs in the entire state. We are affiliated with hospitals of every size and shape all over New York, from Rochester to Albany to Plattsburgh. With our hospital partners, we review, evaluate, and adapt our programs to produce qualified and sought-after graduates. We also identify and meet the needs of laboratory education across the state. Our goal as a department is not only to prepare students for their requisite board exams and provide the technical basis for employment, but to mold graduates into the professional technician or technologist who sees the patient instead of a specimen, who recognizes and respects the role that every healthcare professional plays in providing quality patient care, and whose passion for the profession extends beyond their daily job.

Graduates Find Jobs

Graduates of the Clinical Laboratory Technologies department choose either to seek immediate employment or to continue their education. Employment prospects are excellent and varied. Graduates are employed in area and regional hospitals, physicians' office laboratories, and commercial laboratories. Salaries are currently competitive and are expected to continue to rise farther over the next several years. Successful completion of national certification examinations after graduation leads to mobility, job security, and access to positions in almost any area of the country.

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