• Be alert to and report suspicious situations or persons and criminal activity to Public Safety.
  • Be prepared to provide the following information:

• Nature of the incident
• Location of the incident
• Description of the person(s) involved
• Description of the property involved

Avoiding violent situations

  • Inform Public Safety about any individuals deemed to be threatening or dangerous.


  • Eliminate opportunities for violence by:

• Knowing your escape route
• Placing a barrier between yourself and the aggressor
• Using effective people / communication skills
• Having a second person with you.

Reacting to violent situations:

  • Maintain eye contact and a positive posture to send out positive signals
  • Do not touch or approach a person who may become violent
  • Keep the person talking as you maintain a controlled, calm demeanor.
  • Show concern yet maintain a safe distance; avoid being alone with the person.
  • Call Public Safety or have someone else call.