Excelsior Programs


Thanks to SUNY Broome's transfer agreement with Excelsior College, you can take most of the coursework toward your Bachelor's degree at SUNY Broome, and build on your Associate's degree in Business, Liberal Arts, Criminal Justice, Computer Studies, Nursing, or others. Note that you must have already earned an Associates degree in Nursing to pursue the Bachelors in Nursing degree. Then you can transfer to Excelsior College to complete your Bachelor's degree.

The Benefits of Starting Your Excelsior College Degree at SUNY Broome Include:

  • Affordable SUNY Broome tuition for the majority of your Bachelor's degree credit
  • Financial aid may be available to you
  • Opportunities to take classes most convenient to you: during the day, in the evening, on weekends, or online
  • Knowledgeable academic advisement from SUNY Broome specialists
  • Assistance upon transfer by Excelsior College advisors who help you find remaining required upper division courses — locally, online, or by examination

Student to Student Information Session

Would you like to meet with a student who has already transferred to Excelsior to hear about his/her experiences? A Student to Student session is scheduled each semester, the next will be in November. Click here for additional details.

How Do I Learn More?

Academic advisement and more information is available through SUNY Broome Bachelor's Degree Partnership Office.
Contact Terri Fadden at 778-5012 or faddenta@sunybroome.edu.

To learn more about Excelsior College, visit their website at http://www.excelsior.edu or call toll-free: (888) 647-2388.