Frequently Asked Questions

Academic Status at Broome Community College

Academic Dismissal
The failure to maintain minimum satisfactory academic progress will result in dismissal from the College. Academic continuance may be granted by the Division Dean or designee following submission of a Petition for Academic Continuance. See also probation.

Dean's List
Full-time students who earn between a 3.5 and 3.79 semester grade point average are awarded academic honors or "Dean's List" status which appears on official transcripts. Part-time students can qualify for the Dean's list based on the last 12 credit hours taken and should notify the Registrar's Office once eligible.

Grade Point Average (GPA)
GPA is determined on a 0.0 to 4.0 scale where a 4.0 is an A average, 3.0 is a B average, 2.0 is a C average, 1.0 is a D average and 0.0 is an F average.

Petition for Academic Continuance
Request to the Dean or designee for permission to continue attending classes following academic dismissal.

President's List
Academic honors earned when a full-time student earns a 3.8 GPA or better during a semester. Part-time students who achieve a 3.8 GPA each time they have completed 12 credits, should notify the Registrar's Office that they qualify for the President's list.

Students not meeting the Academic Standards are issued a warning and placed on Probation. Probation is one step away from dismissal if the student does not improve grades or credits earned.

Degrees Options Available at Broome Community College

AA Degree/Liberal Arts
An Associate in Arts degree offered through the Liberal Arts (LA) Division that is geared toward transferring to a four-year institution in a wide variety of career programs.

AS – Science Option (LAAS)
An Associate in Science degree offered through the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Division is preparation for transfer to a four-year institution with a focus on science or health-related fields.

AAS Degree
An Associate in Applied Science degree is intended to prepare students for employment although some choose to transfer.

AS Degree
An Associate in Science degree is primarily designed to prepare students for transfer, but may provide some skill courses.

A program of study available in certain career programs and generally consist of career courses. A certificate program requires fewer courses than a degree program. Most certificate programs can lead directly to degree programs in the same area.

Professional Staff at BCC

Academic Advisor
Professional staff and faculty members who assist students with academic advising, selecting courses for each semester, academic planning, dropping and/or adding classes and planning for transfer.

Trained helping professionals located in SS-210 who assist students with educational, transfer, vocational and personal/social growth. All counseling is confidential.

The administrator who leads an Academic Division: Liberal Arts, Business and Public Services, Stem and Health Sciences. The Dean's office assists students with a variety of needs including: an academic grievance, Petition for Academic Continuance and Medical Withdrawals.

Withdrawal: Full or Partial

You must officially withdraw from classes in order to avoid receiving an F. You must withdraw within the withdrawal period. You may withdraw from just one class or from all of your classes.

Withdrawal Grade
A W grade does not impact your GPA but it could have Financial Aid and Academic Consequences. Students must see their academic advisor or Dean's designee in order to withdraw.

Medical Withdrawals
Students may withdraw from all or some of their classes due to a medical reason. Students must provide the necessary documentation to their Dean's Office.

College Terms:

Academic Plan
An outline that a student completes with an advisor to plan out degree requirements at BCC and expected date of completion of that degree.

A course that must be taken in the same semester with another course.

Credits Attempted
The total number of credit hours for registered courses whether the course was passed, failed or dropped after the first five days of the semester.

Credits Completed
The total number of credit hours for courses a student has successfully completed with a passing grade or has transferred from another college.

Each of the college's academic Divisions is organized into academic departments. A student's "department" is defined by the degree the student is pursuing.

If a student does not pay their semester bill, that student will be dropped or "deregistered" from classes. Even if dropped from classes, a student may still incur some expenses with the college. If a student does not wish to attend college and is already registered, the student must officially drop the courses prior to the start of the semester as to not incur a bill.

Developmental Courses
Developmental courses (courses with a course number under 100) such as ENG 090, MAT 092, BIO 090, and CHM 090 do not count towards completing a degree. They do, however, count towards being a part or full-time student. They are assigned a number of credit equivalent hours rather than credit hours.

General Education
The goal of General Education at Broome Community College is to provide the necessary foundation to function effectively in a complex world. General Education courses are required at all colleges, but the General Education at BCC is structured to enable students to meet the SUNY General Education Requirement required for all students seeking a four-year (Bachelor's) degree. For more information, visit our General Education page.

Students may complete degree requirements at the end of the Fall, Spring or Summer semester. In order to graduate, students must file an Application for Graduation with the Registrar's Office in SS 105 by October 15th for Fall graduation and by March 15th for Spring/Summer graduation.

I Grade
An "I," or incomplete, grade is given only with your professor's written approval. Specific assignments must be completed satisfactorily within a time limit defined by instructor. A student who does not satisfy the incomplete requirements within the allotted time frame will earn an F. I grades can have financial implications and degrees cannot be awarded with an outstanding incomplete grade.

Student matriculation is acceptance and enrollment into a degree-granting program. A student must be matriculated to receive financial aid or be awarded a degree. Students that miss a semester, excluding summer, must reapply through Admissions to regain their matriculated status.

Mid Term Grades
Grades of D, F, I and U are reported at the middle of the semester on My College to alert students of possible academic problems.

Non-Matriculated Student
A student who is enrolled in classes but has not been admitted to a specific degree program.

NYS Alert
All students must sign up for NYS Alert to be promptly notified of weather related delays or closings at BCC.

Online Courses
BCC offers online courses listed as "Y" and "B" on the tally. "B" courses require class room time and on-line time. See your advisor for more information.

A course that must be completed before you can take the next course. Certain degree programs have prerequisite courses for admission.

The area of study which is the student's primary area of concentration.

Transcript – Official
An official college document listing all courses taken and grades earned by a student. Students may request a transcript be sent to another school or employer. There is no charge unless special processing is required. Requests must be in writing. Request forms are available online or in the Registrar's Office in SS – 105.

Transcript – Unofficial
Students may print their "unofficial" academic transcript through MyCollege under Student Records.

Transfer Credit
Courses that have been completed at another accredited institution may be accepted at BCC for "transfer credit." Academic departments will determine whether previous college coursework is applicable to a student's BCC degree. A minimum of twelve credits must be completed "in residence" in order to earn a BCC degree. Once processed, the transfer courses/credits will appear on the student's transcript. To transfer credits taken at BCC to another college, go to the Registrar's Office in SS 105 and complete a Transcript Request Form.

"W" Date
The last day in which a student can drop a class with a W grade. Typically the W date is in the tenth week of a fall or spring semester. Check the Academic Calendar to obtain the specific date.

Writing Emphasis Course
A course that has a significant amount of writing as part of the course requirements to teach students more effective communication skills. English 110 must be successfully completed prior to taking a "W" or a "Writing Emphasis Course." These courses may also be known as "WRIT" courses.  All students must have successfully completed two "W" or WRIT courses before they can graduate. Students can search for WRIT classes on the course schedule by selecting the Attribute called "Writing Emphasis Courses."