Another important step in preparing for your arrival is finding housing. We offer on-campus housing arrangements, as ell as provide connections to a variety of local apartments that are convenient to the college! 

Live On Campus! 

Why live on campus? Location. The new residence hall provides convenient and quick access to classes and other college facilities, such as the library, ice rink, student center, and dining center, not to mention a host of nearby community restaurants, stores, recreation and entertainments!

By living on campus, you'll be an immediate part of our campus community, finding yourself in the middle of all sorts of students life activities and campus events that match your interests and lifestyle.

Reserve your room today by visiting: www.sunybroome.edu/housing

How to Find Your Apartment/Housing

If on-campus housing is not for you, then we will do our best to assist our students with finding housing options off-campus. Our local bus comes directly to campus, so transportation is made easy. Please note that we will try to assist with roommate matching between international students. We do not have the ability to match with US students. We have estimated the cost of housing in the estimated yearly cost that you had to provide for the college to issue your I-20. This estimate includes costs such as apartment, utilities, food, transportation, etc. It will vary student by student, of course, but this is a fair estimate for the average student.

When first arriving, you may need to stay in a hotel near the campus temporarily until you confirm your apartment rental if you are not able to do so before you arrive. This is not uncommon. You can download a list of local hotels and view a map of the local hotels here to help make those plans.

To learn some tips to finding an apartment, click here. (Updated June 2014)

For information on Off-Campus housing options, click here.

Special note for housing questions during visa interview:

During the visa interview, you may be asked about housing or where you will live while studying at SUNY Broome. We will assist you with reserving your room on campus or with finding an apartment and/or roommate(s) AFTER your visa is approved.

We do not assist BEFORE the visa is approved so we do not make connections that can not be fulfilled due to a visa denial. You should be able to explain how housing works when the Consular officer asks this question. You may need to stay in temporary housing (for example, hotel) until your housing is finalized when you arrive.