Histological Technology Banner with closeup of microscope

Histological Technician Program - Curriculum

Fall Semester Courses

  • Introduction to Clinical Laboratory Technology / CLT110 An introduction to clinical laboratory science and the scope of the field. Includes discussions on opportunities within the profession, ethics, and professional conduct.
  • Histological Techniques / CLT200* Introduction to human histology and histological techniques, including preparation, fixation, embedding, sectioning, mounting, and staining of tissues.
  • Human Histology / CLT 250 Comprehensive study of the hematopoietic and hemostatic systems, to include both normal physiology and classical pathology of each system. Emphasis is placed on procedures used for testing the function of these systems.

Spring Semester Courses

  • Advanced Histological Techniques / CLT 252* Study of the chemical basis and physical principles of fixation, processing, and staining animal tissue specimens for light microscopy. The focus will be on routine paraffin techniques, but will include frozen section techniques, immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization.

Summer/Fall Semester Courses

  • Histotechnology Practicum / CLT 258 320 clinical hours in the performance of procedures in histological technology in an affiliated medical laboratory under direct supervision of medical laboratory personnel

Total credits required for graduation: 31

Any courses with a CLT designator must be taken in our program.

All credits earned in this certificate program can be applied toward the Individual Studies, AAS degree.

*Requires student to complete a preclinical rotation.