Individual Studies A.S.

Individual Studies A.A.S.

Individual Studies - Associate in Science Degree

Students whose academic goals cannot be attained through existing programs may be allowed to structure individualized degree programs. Qualified students develop, with an advisor, an “area of concentration.” This area of concentration must be a cohesive program of study clearly related to employment or upper division academic goals.

Completion of the Individual Studies Program can lead to an Associate in Science (AS) or Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree. The degree will depend upon the student's future academic and/or career goals. The AS degree program is designed for baccalaureate transfer, and the AAS degree is designed for immediate employment and professional development. Admission into the Program requires that the student develop a Plan of Studies that is approved by the Program Coordinator.

This is not a program for students unsure of their goals or simply exploring several areas of study.

For additional information, consilt an Academic Advisor in the Academic Advising Department, Student Services Building 210, (607) 778-5421 or contact the Program Supervisor.

Program supervised by:
Donna M. Rehak, M.S.W.
Staff Associate to the Dean of Liberal Arts
Coordinator, Individual Studies and Liberal Arts
Office: Titchener Building, Suite 210
Telephone: 607 778-5092

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