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SUNY Broome Community College is committed to the internationalization of our campus through a variety of opportunities and experiences. Every year we welcome students from all over the world to study on our campus. Their presence enriches our classrooms, campus, and community. SUNY Broome also assists our U.S. students experience other cultures through campus activities or the opportunity to study abroad and experience a new culture first-hand. The services below will assist you with discovering what SUNY Broome has to offer. So, whether you are an international student hoping to study in the U.S. or an American student hoping to study overseas, SUNY Broome is the place for you!

The Office of International Education leads the college's efforts to enhance and expand the international environment on campus. The office oversees the Study Abroad Program, federally-funded programs, and exchange programs. We work collaboratively with overseas partner institutions to create an expansive network with global opportunities for SUNY Broome.

SEED Program

The Scholarship for Education and Economic Development (SEED) Program offers scholarships to deserving students from Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico. The Program prepares these students to become exceptional leaders who are committed to returning to their home countries to aid in the development of their families, communities, and countries by sharing the benefits of their training and work in the United States.

These students attend one of 15 higher education institutions across the United States depending upon their area of study. At SUNY Broome Community College the SEED students study Quality Assurance.

The Program is administered by Georgetown University Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CIED) and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

During their first 9 months of stay, the students live with host families in their community before moving into their own apartments. The host family experience is a critical component to the success of the students and the program. If you are interested in the wonderful opportunity to become a host family for an exceptional SEED student, please contact Claudia Beebe at 607-778-5260 or BeebeCS@sunybroome.edu.

Online International

Begin your U.S. studies without leaving your country! SUNY Broome offers a variety of online courses through the Online Academy that you can enroll in each semester. It is convenient and a wonderful way to experience the US classroom online.

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