Evening Weekender Program in Nursing

At A Glance

Degree Title: Associate in Applied Science
Program Length: Typically completed in three years
Total Credits Required: 71

The Evening Weekender Program in Nursing is perfect for those who have liberal arts and sciences classes behind them, and would like to enter a nursing career or continue their education at a slower pace. This program is thus dedicated to only nursing classes, but has specific requirements of pre-requisites and co-requisites.

After the completion of this program, graduates will be prepared to become an entry-level registered nurse or to continue on to gain a bachelor's degree at another school.

What Opportunities Exist with this Program?

Careers Opportunities

  • With the completion of this program, you'll be qualified to become a:
    • Registered Nurse
  • With the completion of this program, you may be employed in:
    • Hospitals
    • Health clinics
    • Home care settings
    • Private medical offices
    • Health information departments
    • Health maintenance organizations

Transfer Opportunities

  • By utilizing Broome Community College's expert team of advisors and working with your prospective transfer school, you can assure that:
    • You take necessary and transferrable classes
    • You lighten your future degree's course load at another college

Exciting Classes in this BCC Program

Exciting Classes:

  • Meeting Human Needs I (ADN 105) is a seven credit class introduction to nursing, its role and philosophy and will complete clinical care of patients under close supervision.
  • Meeting Human Needs II (ADN 106) is a seven credit class that teaches students how to care for individuals with common actual or potential health problems related to immunity, fluid and electrolytes, the integumentary system, surgery and health management and then gives them an opportunity to provide them with care.
  • Meeting Human Needs III (ADN 211) is a seven credit class that is related to learning about how to care for mother and children, and those with endocrine disorders, & renal disorders. During this class, with direction, students will assume the nursing practice role of the Associate Degree nurse.