How to Identify Suspicious Envelopes or Packages

      • Excessive postage
      • Handwritten or poorly typed address
      • Incorrect title
      • Title without name
      • Misspelling of common words
      • Oily stain, discoloration, or odor
      • No return address
      • Excessive weight
      • Lopsided or uneven envelope
      • Protruding wires or aluminum foil
      • Excessive security material such as masking tape, string, etc.
      • Visual distractions
      • Ticking sound
      • Restrictive endorsements, such as "personal" or "confidential"
      • City or state in the postmark that does not match the return address

For Suspicious Unopened Envelopes or Packages Marked with Threatening Messages:
• Do not touch, shake or empty the contents of any suspicious envelope or package.
• If you have already picked up the package, place it on a stable surface. Do not sniff, touch, taste or look closely at it or any contents that may have spilled.
• Leave the room and close the door or section off the area to prevent others from entering (i.e., keep others away).
• Wash your hands with soap and water.
• Report the incident to Public Safety.
• If possible, list all people who were in the room or area when the envelope or package arrived.  Give this list to responding authorities.