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Residency Information

To qualify for the resident tuition fee, a student is required by law (NYS Education Law, Section 6305) to present once each academic year, a residency certificate indicating that he or she has been a legal resident of the State of New York for one year, and of a county for six months. The certificate of residency obtained from your home county is the only proof of residence that qualifies for resident or in-state tuition.

New York State Counties will issue certificates up to 60 calendar days prior to the start of the semester and until 30 calendar days into the semester.  Counties are permitted by law to refuse applications after the 30th day of the semester.  Many counties adhere to this deadline with NO EXCEPTIONS

Note: Tuition bills will include non-resident charges for students who have not submitted a valid certificate of residency to the Student Accounts Office. Non-resident charges DOUBLE the tuition portion of the bill.

Dependent Students

A student who is a dependent of a person who lives outside of New York State is a resident of the other state for Community College Tuition purposes regardless of where the student resides.  Residents of another state are required to pay out of state rates(double the Resident Tuition Rate) except in limited cases as noted under “Other” below.

You may be eligible for resident tuition regardless of  your permanent domicile if, within the last five years you: received a GED from New York State ORgraduated from a New York State high school that you attended for at least 2 years.  Please note that a Certificate of Residence issued by your home county will still be required as explained above.

Broome County Residents

If you have been a legal resident of New York State for the past year AND a resident of Broome County for the last six months, print and fill out the RESIDENCY AFFIDAVIT, sign it and submit it to the Student Accounts Office.  Residing in Broome County solely to attend school (relocating from your parent’s home or a prior address) does not constitute legal residency.  Documentation may be requested for verification.

Click here to view/print the Broome County Residency Affidavit.

Other NY County Residents

Click on the name of your county for application and instructions specific to your county.  If your county is not listed separately click on the link titled “All Other New York Counties” for the application and instructions. 

Cayuga County (Instructions)
Chenango County (Instructions)
City of New York
Columbia County (Instructions) (Helpful Hints)
Delaware County (Instructions)
Essex County
Monroe County (Instructions)
Nassau County
Orange County
Rockland County (Instructions)
Saratoga County
Steuben County
Suffolk County
Sullivan County (Instructions)
Tioga County (Instructions)
Ulster County (Instructions)
Westchester County
All Other New York Counties

The application must be completed, notarized, and presented to the County Treasurer of the county in which the student resides. The County Treasurer will then issue a residency certificate to the student. Students will be liable for the non-resident charges if they fail to obtain and submit a residency certificate by the thirtieth day after the start of classes.

International Students

International students will be considered New York State residents, for tuition purposes, one year after showing intent to make New York State their permanent domicile. (Example: Passport stamped, "Application for permanent residency status pending.") Certain visa types preclude the ability to show such intent.


Refugees who come to New York State immediately after leaving their "home" country will be given New York State Residency status immediately. Refugees who first reside in another state after leaving their "home" country will be required to fulfill a one year residency term before being considered a New York State resident for tuition purposes.

Part-Time Students

Part-time students must meet the same requirements as stated above. The application/affidavit is available above and at the Student Accounts Office.