Student Assembly

If you would like to have a voice in student activities, or if you have an interest in government and public service, you can run for an office in the SUNY Broome Student Assembly. Students elected to serve as part of the SA discuss issues concerning campus life, review policies, and sit on college committees with faculty and staff that make recommendations to the College administration. One student in the Student Assembly even serves as Student Trustee on the SUNY Broome Board of Trustees and votes on all campus policies.

A new Student Senate is elected during each Fall semester. Senators provide input on club activities, social events, and programming. For information on running for a position in the Student Assembly, contact the Student Activities Office, S-107.


Current Student Assembly

Phone Number: (607) 778-5152 or (607) 778-5110

President: Amanda Soto
Vice President of Academic Concerns: Jeremiah Godfroy
Vice President of Student Concerns: Rasheed McLean
Vice President of Financial Concerns: Heather Coggin
Student Trustee: Orion Barber