Student Comments On Supplemental Instruction

What have BCC students said about attending Supplemental Instruction sessions? Below are selected comments from BCC students about SI in varied subject areas:


"Through SI, I got things cleared up and explained more and I ended up getting a 99 ½ on my BIO test." - BIO 090 student

"SI has been helpful because it is a smaller group where one can feel comfortable to ask questions. (SI) helped to repeat the information and to have it explained in different ways." - BIO 131 student


"(SI) organizes me, so I know what I need to study. If there is something I don’t get (in class), I can get immediate help (in SI)." - CHM 145 student

"The review test questions are very helpful (and) give students a better idea of what’s going to be on the test, (along with) what areas of the chapter to concentrate on." - CHM 146 student


"This (SI) has helped me understand the material better.  I like how (SI) is able to get more in-depth (with the material)…" - ECO 110 student

"(SI) is a great help.  I just started attending and have learned so much already." - ECO 111 student


"(SI has) helped me to understand my style of writing." - ENG 090 student

"(Attending SI Sessions) helped me with spelling corrections (and) learning how to do summaries." - ENG 090 student


"(SI) helped me so much for the midterm…I plan to go back before the final for additional help." - HIS 100 student

"(The SI sessions are) more of a student perspective…(SI sessions are) certainly a tool necessary for any student.  I surely promote and appreciate that possibility (to attend SI)." - HIS 100 student


"I have a chance to review things (in SI Sessions) I did not understand during class or homework." - MAT 096 student

"(SI) is helping me a lot, to practice, to understand, and to improve my grades in class." - MAT 156 student

Pathogenic Microbiology

"…There is no way I would have passed this last test without (SI).  I even go when there is nothing to study for just to stay up to speed in the class….As of right now, I have an “A” in the class (and), without (SI), I don’t think I could pass!" - CLT 208 student

BIO 131 SI Session