Vision, Mission, and Values


Broome Community College strives to be a leader in anticipating and responding to diverse individual, community and global needs for accessible lifelong educational opportunities. We collaborate with others to create high quality, innovative, student-centered learning environments guided by our shared values.


Broome Community College provides:

  • open access to those who can benefit from its programs and services.
  • university parallel degree programs for students aspiring to baccalaureate degrees and professions.
  • occupational and technical degree and certificate programs for students aspiring to careers in business, health, technology, and human services.
  • General Education to broaden and deepen students' intellectual, moral, civic, and social competence for effective participation in the world community.
  • collaborative leadership among the diverse institutions, organizations, agencies, and other entities which comprise our community.
  • community and continuing education and training to serve the needs and interests of individuals, employers, and agencies.
  • career advising, skills and knowledge assessment, and related support services to help students reach their full potential.
  • a community of free inquiry and educational achievement wherein each member is treated respectfully.
  • a broad range of educational, social, athletic and recreational activities to foster students' personal development, community involvement, and leadership skills.



In fulfilling its mission and fashioning its goals, Broome Community College affirms these commitments:

  • to Learning - The primary reason BCC exists is to offer lifelong learning opportunities for our students under the principle of free and open inquiry. These opportunities are accessible, affordable, and of the highest quality possible.
  • to Excellence - In fulfilling our mission, achieving excellence is a process both valued and expected. We value both the leadership of individuals and collaboration of teams as part of a continuous improvement effort.
  • to Equity -  Respecting both individual rights and social obligations, the college is an advocate for fairness and just treatment for all students and staff.
  • to Diversity - BCC values and celebrates the diversity of its students and employees. We respect their diverse life experiences, appreciate their contributions to our learning community, and promote individual development and success.
  • to Accountability - We honor the trust placed in us by the larger community and understand
    our accountability for efficient and effective use of resources. We also expect personal honesty, integrity, and responsibility to be essential elements in our learning environment.
  • to Innovation -  BCC encourages all members of its community to imagine. We nurture an environment of innovation and experimentation and invite all to participate in the unique possibilities of a learning community.