Grubb The picture isn't a bad one,
he's sort of blurry in real life, too.

Michael Grubb (Coordinator)

Mike, originally from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, came to Binghamton by way of Virginia and Indiana.  He has enough academic credentials that people should take him seriously and enough personality quirks that some find that difficult. 

He started working at the Writing Center as a professional tutor in August of 2005 and became the center’s Coordinator in fall of 2011, just in time for the flood and the center’s subsequent “highly dynamic state.”  Many people are of the opinion that he is genuinely a nice guy, an impression he fosters so he has an excuse in case he finishes last.

Polzin Beth

Beth Polzin

Beth has lived the same life twice.  She once was (and now is a second time) a graduate student, an instructor of writing, and a writing tutor.  In northwest Ohio, Beth earned an MFA in creative writing at Bowling Green State University.  She taught writing at Bowling Green and at Owens Community College in Toledo, where she also tutored at the Owens Writing Center.  In south-central New York State, Beth is a doctoral student in Comparative Literature at Binghamton University, where she also gives a course each semester.

Beth has tutored with the BCC Writing Center since the fall of 2010.  She suspects, and even hopes, that some elements of her twice-lived life may repeat yet again… but not all.

Harvey Brigitte

Brigitte Harvey

Brigitte, a graduate from Boston University and SUNY Binghamton, is currently teaching English Composition at Broome Community College.  She loves her career and her wonderful students.  Working for the Writing Center is inspirational and rewarding.  She tutors both in the center and online.

Outside of work, she is a recreational power boater.

Divers Chris, pictured here, working with a student, pictured elsewhere

Chris Divers

Chris Divers gave up a VERY lucrative career running ’shine in the hills and hollows of West “By God” Virginia to sate his wanderlust for higher learning.  He somehow managed to finagle a BA in English from Marshall, an MA in English from Cleveland State, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Bowling Green, then fell off a turnip truck on the Kamikaze Curve and decided to teach and tutor writing here at good old BCC. 

You can blame Chris for the fact that some tutees decide to open papers with “I reckon…” and “I’m fixing to…”.  Despite being a rube, Chris likes to read history, pen a few poems, and write a bit of music, and he can also talk your ear off about the coming “Singularity” and all sorts of biotech-related tomfoolery.  He’s also an avid sports fan, but if you don’t like his beloved Mountaineers (Montani Semper Liberi) or the Philly Flyers, you would do best to keep that knowledge to yourself.  His commemorative nickel, once on proud display in the old Writing Center, was (alas) a tragic victim of the 2011 Library flood. 

He may or may not know how to put together a still, but he can help you identify comma splices or boot down your writer’s block in no time flat.

Lewis Josh

Josh Lewis

Josh earned his PhD in English from Binghamton University last spring.  Before that, he earned a MA in English from Binghamton University and a BA in English from Washington College. Currently, he is teaching at Broome Community College and tutoring in the Writing Center. 

This marks his fifth year at Broome Community College, and he wants nothing more than to continue serving the students who come through our halls.  In his free time, he writes poetry, short stories, and short dramatic pieces.

McKenzie Kathy

Kathy McKenzie

Kathy is “both a math and English person,” a designation often remarked upon by prospective employers with astonishment and cynicism.  She holds a BA in chemistry (SUNY Binghamton) and MA in mathematics (University of Rochester), and pursued as minor areas of study English and Spanish language literature.

Her work as a freelance science and mathematics editor for over 15 years not only disabuses those of the belief that science and math people can’t write, but also led her to very enjoyable work as a Writing Center tutor. This is her fourth, or fifth, year.

Unrelated skill:  She performed in Endicott Shakespeare in the Park productions the past two summers (dancing spirit in The Tempest and roller skating carhop in Taming of the Shrew).

Braheney Kelley, spinning fire
(Do not try this at home!.)

Kelley Braheney

Kelley has worked as a professional writing tutor and adjunct English professor at BCC for 10 years.  She teaches ENG 090, 110, 111, 150, 220 and Intro to Literature.

 She also does weird stuff like spinning fire and playing a character at the NY Faerie Festival.

Kathy Grasso

Kathy Grasso

Kathy joined the Writing Center as a professional tutor in the Fall of 2014