Writing Resources

Other Writing Centers’ Websites

Purdue University’s OWL
University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill
University of Wisconsin @ Madison
University of Minnesota

Approaching Writing & Technique-Building

Outline Development (from Purdue University’s OWL)
Grammar (from Purdue University’s OWL)
Punctuation (from Purdue University’s OWL)
Strunk’s Elements of Style
Avoiding Plagiarism (from Purdue University’s OWL)
ESL Student Writing (from Purdue University’s OWL)

Types of Writing

Summary Writing
Writing Essay Exams
Abstract Writing
Writing a Critical Review
Developing an Argument
Counter Argument

Writing for the Disciplines

What is an Academic Paper?
Research Paper Writing (from Purdue University’s OWL)
Engineering and Science Student Writing Guidelines
History Writing
Lab Report Writing
Rhetorical Considerations and Style in Psychology Writing

Documentation Guides

BCC Library (links to APA, MLA, and research guides)
APA Style (from Purdue University’s OWL)
MLA Guide (from Purdue University’s OWL)
Research & Documentation by Diana Hacker

Career-Oriented Writing

Application Essays
College Entrance Essay Writing
Professional Writing, Including Revision of Business Writing & Resumes (from Purdue University’s OWL)
Notes on College Application Essays
Sample Resumes

Research Links

BCC  Library Online Services
Internet Public Library
Librarians Index to the Internet
Library of Congress
Research It!

Dictionaries, Thesauri, Encyclopedias

Acronyms and Abbreviations
Roget’s (Searchable) Thesaurus of English Words and Phrases