Counseling Services

Students often experience social, personal, and family concerns while attending college. When such concerns or other barriers to academic success arise, students turn to one of our professionally trained counselors for help in regaining perspective and purpose. Through individual, confidential meetings, a Counselor can help you explore, understand, and deal with your unique personal issues and help you balance your personal, career, and educational goals.

Counseling at BCC is a short-term process and is not intended to provide or supplant psychological or psychiatric therapy of any kind. Students are typically scheduled for 45 to 50 minute appointments on the hour, usually once a week. The number of visits is determined by the scope of the student need, as well as the ability and availability of the staff. In situations where additional services may be advisable, staff will make referrals to off-campus resources.

Emergency and Crisis Counseling

In the event of a suicide attempt, alcohol or other drug overdose, or the threat of imminent violence on campus, students, faculty, or staff are advised to contact 911 via cell phone or 9-911 from a campus phone or from the Blue Light phones on campus.  Off campus, call 911.

For situations involving a psychological crisis with no imminent threat of danger during normal business hours, contact Counseling Services at extension 5210 for immediate assistance. You can also escort a student to our offices in SS-210.  A counselor will assess the level of risk for harm, assist the individual in achieving stability, and make appropriate treatment recommendations, as needed.

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- Statement on Confidentially

Where we are Located
We are located in the Student Services Building in room 210 on the second floor.

Contact us

Hours of Operation
We are open Monday through Friday from 9 to 5 pm

To make an appointment
Come by the office and speak with the secretary to make an appointment or email her at Students can also call the secretary at 778-5210 and make an appointment by telephone. We can usually give a student an appointment within one week.

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Do Winter and Fall get you down?

  • Depressed and don't know why?
  • Crave junk food and carbs?
  • Don't care about doing much?
  • Just want to channel surf or hibernate?
  • Gained weight?
  • Tired?

You may have SAD-
Seasonal Affective Disorder

  • Visit a counselor to identify if you have SAD
  • SAD is treated by exposure to light
  • Lightbox sessions are FREE for BCC students

Call or visit Counseling Services
Student Services Building, Room 210

Counseling Services

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